www.sinifini.com reviews The Beethoven Journey

“… Listening to Andsnes’s joke-a-quaver take on the first concerto’s finale – I swear I hear his fingers giggling as they play Tom-and-Jerry chasing games with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra’s light-on-their-paws woodwind section … here is the playing of a true free spirit. During that same finale, Andsnes’s intrepid recasting of Beethoven’s Mozartian gestures left me gob-smacked. Cutting through the general babble and merriment, accented notes are obliged to hit like waspish deadpan quips, and if I’ve persuaded you to buy this album, listen to how Andsnes underscores each approaching paragraph with a mint-fresh new primary colour – 50 shades at least of red, green or yellow. Never grey.”

Source: www.sinifinimusic.com