Der Kölner Stadtanzeiger reviews Leif Ove’s recital at the Kölner Philharmonie.

“Beethoven’s Appassionata ends in an abyss of a furious Stretta. Many pianists deliver a black orgy of flying hair and sweat. Not Leif Ove Andsnes … He also goes to extremes, but the breakneck excesses are distinguished by their self control.  Andsnes maintains the traditional tempo but the semiquavers don’t blur and the syncopation comes with a chiseled clarity and resilient energy.

“In fact, the Norwegian’s Beethoven recital at the Cologne Philharmonie represented the finest, born of supremely concentrated and masterly expertise and a remarkable style and colour … Preceding the Appassionata was a journey through the piano cosmos of Beethoven from the early sonata opus 22 and the Variations opus 34 to the A major Sonata opus 101 before entering the gates to his late works. ”