Earlier this month the Stavanager Aftenblad dedicated their front page to Leif Ove Andsnes’ return to the west coast Norwegian city and the feature, previously avaiable only on subscription, can now be read for free on the newspaper’s website. It is a wonderful celebration of Leif Ove’s career to date complete with photos through the years.

“For a few years now, there has been an event every time Andsnes (born 1970) releases a CD, whether it’s a solo album, a piano concerto or chamber music. Not to mention when he gives concerts. In the case of record releases, he often features in the front pages of the premier magazine magazines for classical music; England’d The Gramophone, Germany’s Fono Forum, France’s Diapason. Almost without exception, his recordings are highlighted amongst “the best of” reviews. He is nominated for and receives the award for the Album of the Year in The Gramophone, Grammy in the United States, Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik in Germany or a Diapason d’or in France. In addition, there are both artistic and academic awards.”

Read the full article in Norwegian here

Source: Stavanger Aftenblad