Qobuz reviews the Brahms Piano Quartets in Paris

“The most passionate and assidious of amateur chamber music players will not remember having ever heard all three of these works by Brahms in the same evening … it requires the coming together of four absolutely top notch instrumentalists. All soloists in their own right but with a clear “ego” … The cello line is beautiful, singing out from beginnig to end  … The Stradivarius of Clemens Hagen with its silky sound and singing tone …  the intensity of the darker timbre of Tabea Zimmermann on viola, and something like a light but sudden heat from Christian Tetzlaff on violin creates a miraculous sweetness, and sets the tone where all four musicians are sensational, both together and alone.  The upper voice of Leif Ove Andsnes on the piano integrates the strings so that each one fits the other perfectly … intimate nad captivating.

“Thank you to the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, for such a powerful evening which is only made possible with a programme that is slow seeding and which goes on to bear the most beautiful fruit.”



Source: Quobuz