Norway’s Klassisk Magazine reviews The Beethoven Journey giving it 6 points out of 6

“Andsnes and the musicians of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra generate an unprecedented energy in both works. The sound quality is exemplary – as if you are sitting adjacent to the piano – which provides an unusually intimate relationship …  almost as if Andsnes is personally showing you  what he has discovered in the music. It turns out to be considerable. His playing buzzes with well-chosen details which is reflected in the orchestral clarity …
“The pace is fast, but despite considerable speed it shows no sign of haste, not least because the rhythms are stressed – and yet free: both making for fabulous spontaneity …  I have not heard such vibrant exciting interpretations of these works in years. This is really music making at the highest level, if I tell you that it made my hair stand on end, you probably won’t believe me –  but its true.”