Its that time of year when critics make their lists of CDs of the Year

Gramophone’s Harriet Smith chose Volume 2 of The Beethoven Journey commenting: “Beethoven proved king this year; I was much taken with Trio Zimmermann’s supberly reactive readings of his Op 3 and Op 8. But that has to cede the top spot to the concerto cycle from Leif Ove Andsnes and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Picking just one, the second volume finds them joyously unbuttoned in the Second Concerto, while the Fourth, is quite simply one of the most moving renditions in the catalogue.”

In Germany, Der Tagespiegel’s Christiane Teewinkel chose the box set: “Beethoven’s piano concertos are a cosmos in itself, more radiant than the chamber music, more refined than the symphonies. Andsnes takes his role seriously, literally, playing sometimes broodingly and at other times with an almost military approach.”