ForumOpera reviews Matthias Goerne and Leif Ove Andsnes’ Schubert cycle in Brussels

“There are concerts that are quickly forgotten, the ones we keep for a few weeks, and then there are those we think we can remember a lifetime. Among the three recitals given by Matthias Goerne and Leif Ove Andsnes last week in Brussels, the second is undoubtedly part of this latter category.

“A duo singing piano are two personalities complementing or confronting each other, it is the meeting of two individualities with the repertoire first, with the public afterwards. As far as Goerne and Andsnes are concerned, one can not imagine more different temperaments: a great deal of freedom, a touch of casualness on the one hand, a somewhat cold rigor on the other, a shifting movement in Goerne, a perfect control in Andsnes, In both of them a very great professionalism, a perfect knowledge of the repertoire, a technical mastery assumed, a deep love for this music. Together, and uncompromisingly, they will demonstrate what a cycle is, unfolding it thoughout a whole evening, constructed, stretched like an arch, while at the same time sparing the moments of relaxation or the changes in climate that constitute the fabric of the narrative. The transparency of the voice, extreme tenderness in the treble, homogeneity in all registers, the power of the bass, and the infinite variety of colors respond to the rigorous construction of the pianist who also delivers moments of touching humanity with great modesty. Without a score or a memory aid, a traveler without luggage, without even a glass of water, Goerne epitomizes Schubert’s music as a person, lives it in his own way and restores it in all its intensity with an exemplary clarity where each element makes sense .

“… These three unforgettable evenings each culminated in a long gathered silence, followed by a burst of applause, the whole room standing to thank the artists for these truly exceptional performances.”



Source: Forum Opera