What the critics said:

“Their great affinity with this music could be felt at every moment: attentively relaxed, carefully familiar and with a sense of security without it being routine. That Andsnes was himself the conductor, led to no problems of coordination but instead resulted in interpretations which were unified and lively, varied and with shaped statements in each movement of the concertos which we heard in Lucerne on Monday … Andsnes and the musicians resisted the temptation for any excessive drama and the superficial virtuoso appeal which lurks at every turn in these concertos. Instead, through the color and mood changes, the performance was tasteful and transparent …”
Sarganserländer, Reinmar Wagner, 26 November 2014
“He [Leif Ove Andsnes] performed all of Beethoven’s piano concertos in Lucerne on Monday and Wednesday together with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra who were entirely on his side: Not just because he directed from the piano, but mainly because the musicians followed him with immense sensitivity; voices came to light that one has never heard in the orchestral writing, as if personally coaxed from the piano.”
Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Simon Bordier, 28 November 2014