In MOZART MOMENTUM 1785/1786, a new performing and recording project spanning four years, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and Leif Ove Andsnes join forces once again to explore two remarkable years in the history of classical music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was in Vienna riding the wave of his torrential creativity and blazing a path to a new era for the piano concerto. Over the course of two years, 1785 and 1786, he wrote a series of extraordinary masterpieces in the genre, which paved the way that Beethoven and his successors took as they cultivated the heroic concerto and raised it to dazzling new heights.

MOZART MOMENTUM 1785/1786 also showcases the endless creative genius of Mozart as a composer of solo, chamber and orchestral works, providing a rich portrait of a master at the top of his game. As they did with their Beethoven Journey, Andsnes and the MCO will be performing the music of Mozart in numerous concerts and festivals on three continents, beginning in May 2019.

In addition to the concert performances, MOZART MOMENTUM 1785/1786 includes an integral education and outreach component entitled UNBOXING MOZART, an interactive live event reinventing the traditional concert introduction experience.

The first installment of MOZART MOMENTUM 1785/1786 takes place this May with performances in Frankfurt (11 & 12 May), Berlin (14 May), Grenoble (16 May), Evian (17 May), Paris (18 May) and Lisbon (19 May).