The Chicago Sun Times reviews Leif Ove Andsnes’ performance of Mozart Piano Concerto no. 20 with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Riccardo Muti

“… A master of elegant understatement, Andsnes’ immaculate, sublimely fluid, unfussy playing turned Mozart’s virtuosic piano interludes into emotionally varied conversations, and served as a subtle reminder that this composer wrote extraordinary operas, as well, and was fine-tuned to the musicality of the human voice.

Andsnes made the piano speak – with deft emotional shifts, a lightness of touch, and  rippling arpeggios that suggested the point at which words become music. He beautifully captured the formal dance-like quality of the concerto’s second movement, the Romanza, and then moved seamlessly into its slower, more meditative section, all the while stretching time so that you could hear a pin drop in the hall.  Conductor, orchestra and soloist were one sublime unit throughout, with a great ribbon of sound for the final Rondo.”


Source: The Chicago Sun Times