Germany’s Stereoplay gives top marks to Leif Ove’s new Beethoven concerto recording.

“The newly released first Sony album featuring piano concertos nos. 1 and 3 gives a wonderful impression of the musical and emotional harmony that exists between the soloist and his musicians: In the edgy, youthful, fresh C Major Concerto Andsnes conjures up the forces and democratic spirit of the work. He appears as a noble first among equals in a dense network of free, breathing dialogue, far removed from any soloistic glory. With fresh, liquid tempos he finds the ideal balance between controlled precision and a flowing, great line … Even in the stern, dark, C Minor Concerto he exudes an inner peace and spiritual beauty, revealing the human core of Beethoven’s music whilst mildly hinting at everything Rebel, Rugged and Heated.”


Source: Stereoplay