Zeal NYC reviews Leif Ove Andsnes’ final concert in his residency with the New York Philharmonic

“Leif Ove Andsnes deserves an apology for the unsupportive behavior of the New York audience at the start of his recital at David Geffen Hall which concludes his artist-in-residency at the New York Philharmonic this season. Alas, amidst a stream of latecomers, a cacophony of coughing and hacking, a shocking number of people dropping their keys onto the floor (what is this about?), not ten seconds into the beginning of the opening piece, someone’s cell phone rang loudly. Mercifully, they had chosen the nostalgic ringtone called “Old Phone” from the “Classic” series, and not one of the newfangled musical varieties. Nonetheless, this interruption forced Andsnes to abort and regroup.

“It’s a shame that the evening began so frustratingly, because Andsnes is a pianist of the highest caliber and the program he chose was insightful and impressive in breadth … Andsnes is a pianist rooted in a mid-twentieth century refinement. Every tone carefully planned, with particular attention to voicing (deliberately emphasizing a particular note in the chord) and linear phrasing. He has a high-strung energy and poise, making stylish use of agogic accents (a stretching of time different from rubato). His large physical stature commands the Steinway with quiet power and adroitness.”

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Source: Zeal NYC