Sony classical / 2012

Schubert – The Wanderer

Ian Bostridge (tenor); Timothy Brown (horn)

“From Bostridge you have intelligent word painting, effortless sense of line, langorous phrasing, and a vocal quality that is as sonorous in the upper register as it is mellow in the lower. Andsnes more than accompanies, he pushes the beauty and depth of the piano writing to the fore, whilst never unbecomingly stealing the show.” – BBC

Two musical titans in the classical world, British tenor Ian Bostridge and Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes, both major EMI Classics artists, are brought together once again in a 2CD compilation celebrating their great contribution and commitment to Schubert for the label. As well as featuring specially selected lieder and piano fragments from their critically acclaimed Bostridge / Andsnes Schubert Sonata and Lieder series, the album also includes five newly recorded lieder never previously released by Bostridge. Their partnership was described by The Times as “one of the most inspired of record-company matchmakings: the two musicians really do test and try each other at every turn, as well as being mutually supportive…” Firmly established in the opera house, concert hall and recital room, and much sought after internationally as one of the finest of his generation of tenors, Ian Bostridge is today one of the leading Schubert lieder interpreters, repertoire that he openly states as his first love. Ian’s passion for lieder dates back to early studies at his school in England. Ian explains: ‘I had a wonderful German teacher at my school who got me into German lieder and that has been the thing that has really made me a musician – the lieder.’

Track Listing
1. Schubert: Viola, D786 (Schober)
2. Schubert: Pilgerweise D789 (Schober)
3. Schubert: An die Musik D547
4. Schubert: Der liebliche Stern, D861 (Schulze)
5. Schubert: Im Janner 1817 (Tiefes Leid) D876
6. Schubert: Auf der Bruck, D853
7. Schubert: Der Wanderer, D649 (Friedrich von Schlegel)
8. Schubert: Fülle der Liebe D854 (F von Schlegel)
9. Schubert: Wiedersehn D855 (A W von Schlegel)
10. Schubert: Vom Mitleiden Maria D632 (Schlegel)
11. Schubert: Im Walde D708
12. Schubert: Der Schmetterling D633

Schubert: Gesaenge des Harfners D478
13. I. Wer sich der Einsamkeiter gibt, ach!
14. II. Wer nie sein Brot mit Traenen ass
15. III. An di Türen will ich schleichen

16. Schubert: Die Sterne, D939 (Leitner)
17. Schubert: Der Winterabend (Es ist so still), D938
18. Schubert: Der Unglückliche, D713
19. Schubert: Totengräbers Heimwehe D842 (Craigher)
20. Schubert: Auf dem Strom, D943, Op. post. 119
21. Schubert: Ständchen ‘Horch! Horch! die Lerch!’, D889
22. Schubert: Lachen und Weinen, D777
23. Schubert: An die Laute D905
24. Schubert: Der Tod und das Mädchen, D531
25. Schubert: Pflicht und Liebe, D.467
26. Schubert: Allegretto, D900 in C minor
27. Schubert: Lebensmuth, D937
28. Schubert: Allegretto in C, D.346
29. Schubert: Johanna Sebus, D.728
30. Schubert: Andantino in C, D.348
31. Schubert: Abschied – melodrama, D.829

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