Sony classical / 2017

Sibelius: Piano Works

“Sibelius, composer of seven visionary symphonies, wrote a sizable body of piano pieces that remain mostly neglected. The adventurous Mr. Andsnes discovers them on this exquisitely played album of beguiling, lyrical and quirky works. Even those with tame titles like “Impromptu” startle you”

– The New York Times, Album of the Year

Leif Ove Andsnes is one of the world’s leading pianists, and winner of the BBC Music Magazine Award for Recording of the Year, 2015.
His new album is a personal selection of Jean Sibelius’ unknown and remarkably beautiful piano gems.
Andsnes sees himself on a mission to present a neglected repertoire of the Finnish composer: “I’m really passionate about his piano music, which is so beautiful and haunting. How can there be a major composer out there with such accessible music that people don’t know. The fact that many will be hearing it for the first time, that’s a wonderful feeling.”
Track Listing
Sibelius: Six Impromptus, Op. 5
1. Impromptu V
2. Impromptu VI

Sibelius: Kylikki, Three Lyric Pieces, Op. 41
3. I. Largamente
4. II. Andantino
5. III. Comodo

Excerpt,  Sibelius: Ten Piano Pieces, Op. 24
6. Romance, No. 9
7. Barcarola, No. 10

8. Sibelius: 10 Pieces for Piano, Op. 58: Der Hirt, No. 4

9. Sibelius: Valse Triste, Op. 44 No. 1

Sibelius: Sonatina in F sharp minor, Op. 67 No. 1
10. I. Allegro
11. II. Largo
12. III. Allegro moderato

Excerpt,  Sibelius: Five Pieces, Op. 75 ‘The Trees’
13. Björken, No. 4
14. Granen, No. 5

15. Sibelius: 2 Rondinos for Piano, Op. 68: Rondino II

16. Sibelius: 13 Pieces for Piano, Op. 76: Elegiaco, No. 10

Sibelius: 6 Bagatelles for Piano, Op. 97
17. Impromptu, No. 5
18. Humoristischer Marsch, No. 4
19. Lied, No. 2

Sibelius: Fünf Skizzen, Op. 114
20. I. Landschaft
21. II. Winterbild
22. III. Der Teich
23. IV. Lied im Walde
24. V. Im Frühling

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It has a magic of its own which Andsnes casts equally, with his pure-source sound and range of colours, over early, middle and late Sibelius. The crystalline cascades of the Impromptu that launches the CD, No. 5 in B minor, could be French impressionist, but the tenor melody is very Nordic – and it’s a preferred range for themes in many of the pieces on this disc…Pure, atmospheric sound by Sony captures the necessary intimacy which is an Andsnes hallmark.
BBC Music Magazine


His taste and cultivated musicianship have come together to promote an aspect of Sibelius’s output that has customarily been regarded as not worth the bother…His advocacy is strong and pitched just right, and I’ve been won over willingly…Sibelius was a giant and all the tracks here contribute to our knowledge of him.

The playing is magical and sensuous, bringing out a myriad of colours, all captured in superb sound by Sony Classical.
Presto Classical

All appear worlds away from the raw splendour of the symphonic works. Or perhaps not…On closer listening you feel a door to Sibelius’s mysterious world has been unlocked. And the playing is beautiful.
The Observer