Matthias Goerne and Leif Ove Andsnes’ recording of Schumann’s Liederkreis  Op 24 and Kernerlieder has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Classical Solo Vocal category.  The recording was also recently named Vocal Recording of the Year 2019 by both Australia’s Limelight Magazine and the Dutch Edison Klassiek 2019.

Announcing the Prize in Sydney, Limelight commented:

“Goerne is in characteristically poetic and ardent mood in the Liederkreis, where Andsnes’ finger-tip-delicate fluidity allows room for expressive manoeuvre and nuance. Cut from the same cloth, the Kernerlieder are dyed with a more intensely contrasted colour palette, Goerne perfectly capturing the soul-bearing earnestness and elation of young love – and its agitated agony at desire denied. Andsnes is no less revealing in conjuring the variegated states of nature (from tempestuous storm to becalmed, sunlit brook) that echo Goerne’s ever-shifting kaleidoscope of emotions.”

Announcing the Award in Amsterdam, Edison Klassiek commented:

“Few singers can do what baritone Matthias Goerne does: singing a lifelong song and still surprising in new collaborations with the mix of vocal control and intelligent text interpretation … Vocal suppleness, Intelligence, Depth: Goerne and Andsnes’ performance of Schumann’s songs are intensely compelling and force uncompromising listening concentration. Already in the first song from the ‘ Liederkreis ‘, Andsnes sets the tone with rhythmic sharpness and stowage, Goerne stirring up to maximum alertness and expressiveness. That the piano part in Schumann is an equal partner that adds its own meaning in layers, is not forgotten here for a moment … “