The San Francisco Chronicle reviews Beethoven

“Last year the pianist Leif Ove Andsnes embarked on an intensive project devoted to the five Beethoven piano concertos. The rubric he’s given it – “The Beethoven Journey” – may be a little grandiose, but the first fruit of the project, a lively and strong-boned recording of the First and Third Concertos, does suggest a lot of probing exploration. Andsnes’ approach to Beethoven is a deft combination of keyboard heroism – particularly in the finale of the First Concerto and the first movement of the Third – with evocative and clean-lined lyricism. The effect is to put a new, polished spin on familiar material, especially in the expansive slow movement of the First Concerto. Some listeners may find Andsnes’ rhythmic palette a little aggressive – he leans into the beat impatiently, pushing the music forward without quite rushing the tempo – but the payoff in dynamism is splendid.”



Source: San Francisco Chronicle