Dagens Nyheter reviews Leif Ove’s recital at the Stockholm Konserthus.

“This Sunday Andsnes performed a Beethoven programme which represented various styles of Viennese classicism, including the innovative so called “fantasy sonata” which Beethoven himself hoped would bring the pianist out in sweat.”

“Leif Ove Andsnes did not appear to sweat. Quite to the contrary.  There were no theatrical mannerisms, this was a a concentrated style of playing that seems easy and natural until suddenly there’s a flash out of the blue and one wonders what on earth has happened.

“It is remarkable to listen to how Andsnes, now one of the world’s great pianists, takes care in putting together a Beethoven programme such as this this which allows the music of just one composer to take you to so many places. He extracts the sweetness, strength and playfulness of the B Major and the A major Sonatas through a dazzling variation which highlights their extreme differences …

When it comes to the Appassionata, Andsnes began so light and softly that one thought there was no danger. But it was a small treacherous seduction scene, for just a few bars later he tore off with a pianistic temper that brought the whole Konserthus public roaring to its feet after the last chord. Never have I heard the Appassionata performed so furiously powerful and meltingly soft. Its remarkable that anxiety can sound so faintingly beautiful.”