“With its remote location, splendid surroundings, quality-conscious programming and team of musicians … The Rosendal Chamber Music Festival has all it takes to become a new powerhouse in the the Norwegian chamber music world” writes Aftenposten.
“In his first year in tiny Rosendal, Andsnes has cultivated a focused programme which goes straight to the heart.  The theme is 1828 – it is the year of Franz Schubert’s death, and a goldmine of music that has a firm grip on the audience. The opening concert in the newly rebuilt Riddersalen dealt with some of Schubert’s most beautiful works: the monumental string quartet “Death and the Maiden”, and the heartbreaking song cycle “Schwanengesang”. The rest of the weekend is as full of greats – for Schubert enthusiasts among us it is just fun from beginning to end.
“… Matthias Goerne held the entire audience riveted throughout the nearly hour-long cycle (“Schwanengesang”). His incredibly beautiful sound, dramatic steely control and enormous strength and registry span makes him one of the very best lieder singers we have today – I would venture to say maybe ever … With the new hall and Andsnes’ impetus and stardom Rosendal Chamber has got off to  a flying start. This first festival has been sold out since January, and there is reason to believe that it has what it takes to become a new powerhouse in the Norwegian – maybe also the international – chamber music world.”
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Source: Aftenposten