Belgium’s Cobra reviews The Beethoven Journey
“… What is especially appealing about Andsnes is the fact that he is modest … he will never come between the score and the listener. He is the medium between composer and audience. He is looking for the right solution in every detail. He holds the general line with a sharp eye. His effortless, natural performance is the fruit of intense work. Maybe that’s why he waited so long to focus on Beethoven …  and now it has become  his universe …
“Andsnes is almost an emotional chameleon … that adapts to what the composer expected of him. It’s not acting, it is living. We hear in the first concerto a young cheerful generous Beethoven. And so will this integral also be a trip. Andsnes goes through the psychological journey of the composer. This CD is the start of a great project and a valuable asset.”

Source: Cobra