The Leipziger Volkskrant reviews Leif Ove’s recital at the Gewandhaus

“The world renowned Andsnes has long been considered one of the leading pianists. Nevertheless, this evening concert’s was a surprise. Andsnes created a Beethoven Kaleidoscope  – not only by placing an early and late piano sonata alongside each other in the first half of the concert: Opus 22 and Opus 101. Through this contrast, he skillfully illuminates the development of Beethoven’s sonata style, with an intelligent interpretation of how this composer further developed the piano …  With a wonderful blend of intense technical brilliance and intellectual depth he clearly delineates the musical relationships, with a haunting serenity and, where relevant, a gripping virtuosity. This is how one dreams of what a piano recital should be.

“An “Appassionata” follows as the high point – one couldn’t wish for a performance more thrilling. No less full in the sound, no less technically brilliant than the previous sonatas performed by this Norwegian. Just as expressive and gripping, as multi-faceted and even monolithic.”


Author: Leipziger Volkszeitung