Bayerische Rundfunk reviews Volume III of the Beethoven Journey

“A magical sound, transparency and always a bit of understatement …  elegant, slim, springy … Its hard to believe that this is music which was thrown down on paper to the sound of canon fire … and yet the work itself speaks of different things: the power of the individual, the belief in freedom and the knowledge of another world to that of disasters.  Together with the (Mahler Chamber) orchestra, Leif Ove Andsnes is Beethoven’s advocate: so no jiggling pathos or sentimental oppressors. Instead they give us precision, wit and natural dignity. In this reading, we can understand what Goethe meant when he wrote in 1812:  “More unified, energetic, intimate, I have not seen in any artist. I understand very well how he must be unique in the world.”



Source: Bayerische Rundfunk